How to: Design an Irrigation Watering System

Irrigation systems are essential for growing healthy plants in our climate. Because the plants you have may vary from others, the systems’ design must be planned specifically for each plant’s watering requirements.

Important note: Don’t mix watering your garden and your lawn. You need to consider their needs separately. Garden soil actually requires less frequent watering than lawn grass; so if you want to give both plants enough moisture, separate them by zones.

That being said, sprinkler systems are the most popular and recommended garden watering systems. Here, we’ll discuss briefly how you can go about designing your own irrigation watering system with sprinklers and what you need to do to start.

Where to start

Note: If you are not sure where to start, we have a team of experienced designers who are happy to take on any projects big or small. Give us a call and one of our friendly representatives will be able to guide you through some options.

A good design for an irrigation project begins with important considerations:

  1. A plan — drawn to scale with as much detail as possible. Once you have the details in mind, sketch your garden onto the plan, showing all gardens and lawn areas, any paths or driveways, any retention wall locations, and where the nearest tap/water is located.
  2. An idea of budget – How much money would you like to spend?
  3. Your water flow – This will help determine the number of sprinklers you can use at once.

Things you need to consider when building an irrigation system:

Keep in mind that a well-designed irrigation system will help your lawn grow without any hassle and at low costs; proper installations will prevent costly mistakes. Hire professional technicians from Bayside Landscaping. We will be able to provide you with the best solution for your garden irrigation needs.

Also, you must consider the following when building your watering system:

  • Irrigation systems use different amounts of pressure depending on how they’re used.
  • Divide your garden or lawn into separate areas, so that all areas within each zone receive the same volume of water at about the same time every day.

Utilising pop-up sprinklers and pipelines for your garden irrigation watering systems

Things you need to think about when installing pop up sprinklers:

  • Pop up sprinkler heads must be installed at least 2 feet above ground level.
  • Gear pumps spray out roughly four times the volume of fluid per minute than fan pumps.

This would mean that the areas covered by the two fan sprays won’t get any water from the sprinklers at all during the watering cycle, or the areas covered by the one fan will be over-wetted because the sprinkler will spray for too long after the fan stops spraying.

What we use

We use Hunter or Gardena for the pipes and sprinkler parts used in our irrigation system. Both not only last longer than conventional systems but they also offer low maintenance, plus their spring-loaded valve works really well.

Garden Irrigation and Sprinkler System in Melbourne

While designing a landscape may not be too challenging, installing one could prove to be quite tricky if you do not know what you’re doing. Our Bayside Landscaping crew specialises in creating the best outdoor living spaces possible, so we’ll help you through every step of the project.

 We’ll handle everything from designing the perfect space to completing the job properly. You can count on us to create a beautiful backyard landscape that fits perfectly into your home and lifestyle.

Being able to tell exactly where your irrigation system needs to be placed can speed up its placement a lot. Talk to us today to learn more about where we install irrigation systems so you can start your project right away.

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