Installing garden irrigation systems for your feature or vegetable garden is a fantastic investment. An irrigation installation can help you save water, time and effort. A planned garden irrigation system delivers water straight to the roots of your plants through a network of pipes, hoses, drippers and sprinklers. At Bayside Landscaping, we’re experts in installing the garden irrigation system. As an all-Australian business, we know how Aussie gardens operate and can help you create the perfect plan to suit your garden, no matter where you are. Our team can help you install an irrigation system in your garden or repair your existing one. We’re ready to help with whatever project you have in mind, so put your trust in our landscaping experts today.

If you’re looking to install a garden irrigation system but don’t have the time to do it, our team can help. Our professional landscapers and gardeners have been putting together garden sprinklers and other garden watering systems of all shapes and sizes for years. We would be happy to help set one up in your garden! We can set up an irrigation system for any garden to water every plant, even those in raised garden beds or planter boxes. We work with gardens and systems of all sizes, with specialised experience in landscaping construction, allowing us to construct complex garden irrigation systems for more extensive gardens.

Garden Irrigation Systems

Tips for Building an Irrigation System

While building an irrigation system can be difficult, setting up a simple system can actually be relatively easy. However, once you start adding multiple channels, taps and sprinklers, things can get complicated. If you don’t want to design your garden irrigation system and install it yourself, our Bayside Landscaping team can set the whole process for you. For a basic system setup, here are some quick tips for irrigation installation from our landscapers.

Garden Measurement for Watering System

Start by measuring your garden

You’ll need to know how big your garden is and how much pipe you’re going to need to layout through your garden. Start by measuring out the distance from one end of your garden bed to the other. Remember to take into account all the obstacles your pipe will have to go around. It will give you a general idea of the scope of the job.

Garden Sprinkler System

Figure out what kinds of sprayers you want.

Our Team at Bayside Landscaping can help you out with the attachments that will best suit your needs. Choose from a range of sprinklers, sprayers and drippers designed for different applications. You’ll need different types depending on the plants in your garden, as well as the location.

Garden Watering System

Plan out your piping

Figuring out where your pipes will run, where you’ll get the water from and understanding how water will get piped from one end to the other of the system is crucial. Our experts can help you set up the best possible system for your garden!


Knowing exactly where you want your irrigation system can speed up installation a lot. Talk to our professional team today to get started with your garden irrigation system installation.

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