When it comes to pergolas, the team at Bayside Landscaping can design and build the perfect Outdoor Pergola in Melbourne for your home. We use high-quality materials to create pergolas built to last. Create an entertaining outdoor area for your family and friends to enjoy, or improve the design of your backyard with a tastefully placed timber pergola. Whatever you’re imagining, Bayside Landscaping can make it happen. If you are looking for a Pergola Installation in Melbourne, call our team for a free quote and consultation.

Beautifully Landscaped Spaces

We can create an incredible outdoor garden space for your home or business and maintain it for you for years after. From the start, we work with you to design to your specifications. Make the decisions yourself, or seek the experience of our professional landscapers in Melbourne and get a garden that you know will look great. We consider your personal style, your property’s existing design, and your local area designs to create something unique for you.

Your garden is as important as any other aspect of your home and deserves to be treated as such. It’s the first thing you see when you come home and the place you go to relax on a warm summer day. Design your outdoor pergola the right way with our professional landscape designing and construction service.

Pergolas Melbourne
Outdoor Installation Pergola Melbourne

Pergola Design

Our team of talented landscape designers can design a pergola that fits your existing landscape and garden design. We consider your backyard’s shape, size, and features to create a pergola that will accentuate the design and build a space you’ll want to be in. If you have ideas for your pergola, we’d love to hear them. We work closely with you to get you the results you’re after. Talk to our team about custom pergola designs and pergola installation in Melbourne today, or choose an existing design you like and get started with construction.

Professional Service from Start to Finish

Our experienced landscapers know what it takes to get fantastic results. After the initial consultation and designs, we conduct a full inspection of your land to plan the construction and arrange the appropriate permits and paperwork. From there, we use high-quality materials to construct your pergola as per your specifications. If you have any questions about the construction and pergola installation process or want to know more about pergola care or landscaping, we’ll be happy to answer your questions. After the job is done, our landscapers will clean the area and get your pergola ready for use.

Pergola Blinds, Roofs and Guttering

If you’re looking to create a space that will be comfortable and usable all year round, we can install blinds or roofing on your pergola. Choose from various designs and equip your pergola with sturdy outdoor blinds and polycarbonate roofing to protect against the wind and rain. If your pergola is covered, you may need guttering to help water drain. Our team can install gutters and downpipes on your pergola as well.

Pergola Blinds, Roofs and Guttering Melbourne

Decks and Pergolas

Along with pergolas, Bayside Landscaping specialises in decking solutions for gardens or landscapes. Decking goes hand in hand with pergolas, creating beautiful outdoor entertaining areas you can use for parties, BBQ’s, or just to relax outside. If you’re looking for deck and pergola builders in Melbourne, our team is here to help you get started. Choose from a range of pre-existing deck designs or talk to our landscape design team for a custom solution.

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