Paving a path may look simply, but it’s an art form like any other. From the design of the pavers and the actual construction, a lot of thought goes into creating something beautiful from a set of bricks, stone, or tiles. You can use pavers to add a splash of colour to a garden or create a complete work of art from the tiles. The options are limitless.

At Bayside Landscaping, we aim to create beautiful and sustainable gardens that are easy to maintain and will leave you impressed for years to come. To this end, we offer professional landscape paving services in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.

Alongside our complete landscaping services, we offer options for paving and gardening. We work with you – we begin with the design and through to construction to ensure you get precisely what you want. Finding the options that fit best can be difficult for existing gardens if you don’t have any design experience. That’s why our professional design and landscaping team works closely with you to decide what kind of paver and design will best suit your personality and existing garden and home design. We can work around any feature, including retaining walls, artificial grass or existing plants.

Paving is one of the most important elements in your gardens. It is an outdoor decoration that allows you to improve the natural landscape of your house. Whether you would like to install simple driveways or public walkways, Bayside Landscaping is an expert in landscape paving in Melbourne.

Landscape Paving Melbourne

How to Choose the Right Pavers for Paving and Landscaping

When it comes to choosing the suitable pavers for your garden, there are many different kinds, with different looks and functions. Factors such as where the pavers will be placed (back garden, front, patio etc.), what they’re going to be used for (driveway, pathway, decorative) and your existing design need to be considered. Here are the top things you should consider when choosing your pavers.

Bayside Landscaping is the expert Landscape Paving Melbourne and can help you turn your yard into a place where you’re proud to entertain guests. We offer quality paving services throughout Melbourne.


Design is a personal choice and mainly comes down to the shape and colour of the paver. Options can include regular tiles, interlocking shapes, random shapes, or a more natural stone look, such as you would find with flagstone pavers. Several types of paving stones will also allow you to choose the individual colours of your pavers and get creative with the patterns of your design.


There are many different popular materials used for pavers. Most look different, feel different and interact differently with the space they’re in. For instance, red brick pavers are fantastic all-around pavers, with brilliant red colour and a uniform look. However, they may degrade quickly when not maintained regularly. Choices like bluestone pavers, on the other hand, are some of the best you can get, highly durable and customisable, but they can be pretty expensive due to the rarity of bluestone. The pros and cons of different materials should be considered when choosing the right paver for your garden. Popular paver materials include concrete, flagstone, marble, brick, travertine, and cobblestone.




Some pavers are better at different jobs than others. A good paver for a patio and barbeque area may not be ideal for a driveway or garden path. It’s essential to understand what different materials and pavers are used for and which ones best suit your needs.

The Quality Landscape Paving Melbourne Can Count On

When you are planning a big project, such as renovating your home or landscaping your garden, you want to know that you have a team on your side who you can trust.


When it comes to finish, durable landscape paving beautifully, Melbourne locals trust the Bayside Landscaping team. Working right around Melbourne’s bayside suburbs for over a decade, the dedication of our hardworking team speaks for itself. We would love to plan some quality landscape paving for you.

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