Since the 1960s, artificial grass has been the first choice for those looking to create low-water, no maintenance gardens. Originally, they didn’t look like natural grass and were criticized for being rough and ugly. Thankfully, fake grass has come a long way since then, and modern artificial grass is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. It’s a fantastic alternative to natural grass and can look amazing when installed properly. At Bayside Landscaping, we can supply and assist with artificial grass installation in Melbourne. We’re an all-Australian company and understand what goes into an Australian garden. Our team can help you choose the right artificial grass for your needs and even help you landscape a complete low-water or low maintenance garden. Call us today for a free quote.

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Difference between Artificial Grass, Astroturf and Fake Grass

Artificial grass is a carpet of synthetic grass made to look like real grass. This is used as an ‘umbrella’ term to collectively describe all types of manufactured grass. It can be used interchangeably with terms like “artificial turf”, “synthetic grass”, “synthetic turf”.

Astroturf is a kind of grass that was known prominently in the USA in the ’60s. ‘AstroTurf’ isn’t used normally to refer to synthetic grasses anymore, as it was a brand name. Instead, it’s often called artificial grass or synthetic turf.

Grass Features

Since its invention, fake grass has gone through many changes, getting better and better to be what we know now. These days you can get it in many different colours, grass lengths and breeds of grass, with added design features such as “dead” blades of grass between the green to give the impression of realism. Additionally, several materials are used to make fake grass, each with different applications.

Nylon Grass – The strongest and stiffest kind of fake grass, often used for sports fields, such as hockey and indoor soccer. It can survive high temperatures and high wear and tear.

Polyethylene – This material produces the most realistic looking grass and is quite durable as well, dealing with wear almost as well as nylon—results in great looking. These low maintenance lawns last a long time.

Polypropylene – The cheapest kind of artificial grass. It looks more realistic than nylon but can’t deal with high foot traffic or heat.

Get the Best Out Of Your Garden

Put your garden into the hands of our landscaping experts. We offer a complete lawn laying service, cutting and fitting your grass to your garden. We can install any artificial grass you choose into your garden, with services for edging and maintenance.

If you’re renovating your entire garden, we can help you design and construct the space you’re dreaming of, including decking, paving and water feature installation. Talk to our team for more information on Grass Installation Melbourne or any of our services.

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If you’re thinking about artificial grass installation in Melbourne, but aren’t quite sure yet, talk to the team at Bayside Landscaping. We can help you decide whether synthetic grass is suitable for you and guide you through the process to choose the perfect grass for your needs. We use high-quality artificial grass from Melbourne’s top suppliers and have years of experience installing and maintaining gardens. In fact, if you’re not happy with the results, we’ll return and fix it, free of charge. Call us today on 1800 156 225 for more information or book in for an appointment and get started.

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