Synthetic Grass Installation Melbourne

Bayside Landscaping can install synthetic grass for indoor and outdoor use. If you’re looking for a low maintenance alternative to regular turf laid, synthetic grass could be the answer! We install for residential and commercial applications and projects of any size. Call the team at Bayside gardening to find out which solution is right for your garden.

Synthetic or Natural Grass?

Synthetic grass is fantastic for those looking for a sustainable and low maintenance alternative to regular grass. Synthetic grass is made of strands of synthetic fibres that look and function like regular grass without the water cost. It looks good all year round, doesn’t need sunlight and barely needs upkeep! It’s why it’s often used on indoor sports fields and indoor gardens. However, while synthetic grass is excellent for low maintenance, it can get much hotter than regular grass when exposed to the hot Australian sun. If you’re looking for fake grass, make sure you get the one that’s right for you! Call your local landscapers at Bayside Gardening for synthetic grass installation in Melbourne today.

Difference Between Synthetic Grass, Astroturf and Fake Grass

Synthetic grass is designed to be a carpet of fibres made to look like natural grass. Originally, products like “AstroTurf” popularised synthetic grass in the 1960s. However, until recently, synthetic grass was simply strands of material cut very short of imitating grass and neither looked or felt like grass.

These days, synthetic grass is tough to tell apart from natural grass if you don’t know what you’re looking at. It can imitate the feel and look of grass almost completely. Many modern synthetic grass installation Melbourne panes of grass even come with strands of “dead grass” to make it look as realistic as possible. They also come in several different lengths ranging from 16mm to 35mm for maximum realism.

At Bayside Landscaping, we can do any sort of Synthetic Turf Installation in Melbourne in any condition. We can supplement it with paving and/or timber decking to change the existing look of your garden! Bayside Landscaping has been designing, building and maintaining synthetic turf for years. We provide the highest quality synthetic turf installation Melbourne customers need for their homes, businesses, and sporting fields.

Synthetic Turf Installation Melbourne

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