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Bayside Landscaping is your local professional Landscape Gardener, committed to designing and creating incredible landscapes to enhance every Australian backyard’s natural beauty and value. We are a family-owned and operated Australian business, and we understand what it takes to have a garden in Australia and all the things that go into maintaining it.

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Professional Landscaping Services in Melbourne

With over a decade of experience, Bayside Landscaping provides the best gardening and landscaping services, guiding you from planning to execution to create a space you’ll surely be proud of. Melbourne residents trust Bayside Landscaping as their first choice for landscaping and garden layout.

Services we offer

With knowledgeable and creative staff with horticultural and landscaping training, we offer professional landscaping services in Melbourne. We’ll create an outdoor space that looks amazing and complements your existing landscape and architecture. We have designed beautiful residential and commercial landscapes across Melbourne. Our services include:

From Landscaping Design To
Landscape Constructions

Paving is the ultimate in elegance, flexibility and durability when it comes to styling the outdoor areas of your home.

While we specialise in landscaping, we can design and build raised garden beds for vegetable gardens, flower gardens and more.

We work with homeowners to renovate their existing gardens; we create bespoke designs, installing raised beds and planting schemes tailored to the client.

Whether it’s taking out the grass clippings or pruning the tallest hedge, we will get the job done right.

 Acquired Financial Services is a team of trusted finance professionals. With over 50 years of experience.

The Complete Landscaping Process

Our team will work with you from start to finish, offering a complete suite of landscaping services to bring you an incredible garden, one that will continue to elevate and inspire you for years to come.

Initial Consultation

Starting with an initial consultation, we meet with you to understand precisely what you want from your garden. We assess your existing garden and start creating ideas that fit your vision, style and needs.

Plan and Design

 From here, we plan and present a design for your new landscape, detailing plant locations and options, materials to be used and the overall feel of the garden. Then we draw up plans, complete with lighting, irrigation plans and construction specifics.

We Get to Work!

Once the designs are finalised, we complete the papers and get to work. Our team of expert landscapers will build retaining walls, paved paths and entertaining areas, install ponds, irrigation and undertake earthwork—anything it takes to make your design a reality.

Choosing a company to undertake landscaping and excavation work isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. That’s why when it comes to landscaping, we don’t take shortcuts. You get incredible service from beginning to end. By guiding you through each step of the process, our landscaping experts are here to eliminate any anxiety and doubts you might have, understand precisely what you want and deliver an incredible garden.

Garden Landscaping Melbourne & Landscape Design Melbourne

We approach every job as if it were our garden. We work hard to create something unique and incredible for each one of our clients. Over the ten years, we’ve spent honing our skills, we’ve experienced challenges and enjoyed learning to overcome them. We stand today as a team, confident in offering a reliable and efficient service with excellent results.

Choose Bayside Landscaping for garden landscaping in Melbourne, and see the difference a team of experienced professionals can make for your garden.

Residential and Commercial Landscaping Melbourne

At Bayside Landscaping, we offer both residential and commercial landscaping services. We walk you through the process of creating your dream garden, from design and ideation all the way through to garden creation. We design gardens that fit your existing aesthetic, design and vision for your home or business.

Our gardens are built to last, looking beautiful all year round. We can even incorporate sustainable design features into the garden, including irrigation, water tanks and low maintenance plants.

Talk to our experts today about residential and commercial landscaping in Melbourne, and get your home or business garden designed by the best landscapers in Melbourne.

Personalised Landscape Design Services

Let our team design and create an incredible garden for your home or business. We use a full range of gardening, horticulture and landscaping skills to deliver the best possible results. With our experience, we can design an outdoor space for you, build it, and keep it beautiful for years to come. Our landscape design Melbourne experts work with you closely from start to finish, getting to know you and your personal style. From there, we design based on your ideas and the space available to bring you the best possible results. We employ our in-house team of landscapers, maintaining tight communication channels and focusing on reliability and trust.

Bayside Landscaping is the top choice for garden landscaping in Melbourne. Whether you’re looking to landscape your existing garden or create a space entirely from scratch, we can help you turn your dreams into reality. Our landscapers are highly trained and certified in both landscaping and horticulture. Meaning that not only can they landscape well, they can also help you choose the right plants for your garden and provide advice on how to care for it.

We offer a wide range of services, from Melbourne’s traditional and modern landscape design to irrigation installation, paving, decking, and even garden pond design. If you can imagine it for your garden, we can make it happen. We also offer a range of horticultural services, including planting, garden maintenance, and health checks for plants and soil quality.

A Highly Professional Landscaping Team

Our landscapers are highly trained, with certifications in gardening, landscaping and horticulture. Not only can our team create for you a beautiful garden, but we can also care for it and maintain it. We can evaluate your garden’s health by looking at

  • the soil’s quality
  • light levels
  • diseased plants, and more and bring it back to perfect health.

It’s essential to make an excellent first impression, and keeping your garden looking beautiful goes a long way. As an Australian owned business, what goes into creating a garden that will withstand Australia’s wild weather.

Our professionals can handle any landscaping work, from building raised garden beds and retaining walls, timber decking installation, turf laying and more. And if you’re not happy with your garden once it’s finished, we’ll fix it up free of charge. That’s our guarantee!


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