Bayside Landscaping offers the services for turf installation Melbourne locals can rely on and have been helping people get their gardens looking gorgeous for over 13 years. Call us today and get a new Turf Installation Melbourne in your garden.

Installing Turf Grass can really bring new life to your home or garden. Good grass can provide an excellent surface for relaxing, outdoor games, and spending time with the family. It also looks great. For generations, grass has been the go-to for maximising space and really raising the appeal of your garden.

There is a lot to think about when getting Turf Installation Melbourne. You’ve got to measure the size of your space, prepare the ground and spread the underlay. And you haven’t even gotten around to choosing what kind of turf you want to lay or prepared it for laying. It can be a massive job for someone who’s never laid turf before, and many people simply don’t have the time. The team at Bayside Landscaping can help you choose, prepare and lay your turf and get your garden looking gorgeous. With certifications in landscaping and horticulture, we can help you choose the best type and style of grass for your garden and soil type and then install the turf perfectly.

Turf Laying Services Melbourne

The Careful Turf Installation Melbourne Can Rely On

All of our landscapers are professionally trained and have years of experience to back up their skills. All our Turf Installation in Melbourne comes from quality suppliers and is backed by our customer product warranty. Get the best grass to suit your needs with Bayside Landscaping – the experts in turf installation for Melbourne.


Our full turf laying service includes:

  • Garden measurement
  • Find the right turf for your garden
  • Earthwork
  • Lay underlay and fertiliser
  • Install turf
  • Cut turf to the shape of your lawn and garden edging
  • Provide advice on long-term care

As your local gardening and landscaping experts, we’re here to help you with anything you might need when it comes to your garden. In addition to our one-off services, such as grass laying, Melbourne locals can also rely on us to provide an ongoing garden maintenance service to keep your garden looking great all year round. Talk to our friendly team to work out a service that’s right for you!

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Turf Installation Melbourne
Installing Turf Grass

Choose the Right Grass for Your Lawn

When it comes to choosing the right grass for your lawn, there are several options. First, you need to know the condition of your garden. How much light does it get? Is the soil dry or lacking in nutrients? Choosing the right grass often depends on these sorts of conditions, as some grasses will grow well in areas while others won’t.

Additionally, different grass has different lengths, textures, look and thicknesses and maintenance needs. In the end, choosing comes down to personal preference, so knowing the kind of grass works in your garden is essential. If you are uncomfortable with natural grass, we also provide solutions for artificial grass and synthetic grass. Additionally, here are six of the most common garden grass that we install:

Soft-Leaf Buffalo

An easy-to-maintenance grass that is soft to touch, has broader leaves and is highly durable.


Strong, dense grass that is very durable, dealing with shade and drought well.

Hybrid Bermuda

A fine leaf grass that grows very quickly. High maintenance but ideal in situations where grass needs to be cut short, as it is very durable. Not very shade resistant.

Couch Grass

Similar to Bermuda, Couch is very durable and grows very quickly. Not very shade resistant.


A medium leaf, fast-growing grass species that flourish in sunlight. It can get out of control quickly, so it requires high maintenance.


Great for locations close to water; this grass looks gorgeous but take time to become established and don’t deal well with drought.

When they talk to our team about instant turf installation, Melbourne locals can get the grass that’s right for their needs. Our turf laying services in Melbourne are second to none.

Why Choose Bayside Landscaping for Grass Laying in Melbourne

When it comes to choosing a new lawn, there will be distinct advantages to either seeding or grass laying. Melbourne homeowners should choose their landscaper or gardener carefully and only go with the team to take the time needed to do the best job possible.

There is much more to grass laying than simply putting down the pre-cut rolls of turf. Choose a team who will put in the proper preparation work for a lawn that takes and lasts.

Turf Laying Services Melbourne

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