While we specialise in landscaping, we can design and build raised garden beds for vegetable gardens, flower gardens and more. If you have been looking for raised garden beds in Melbourne, Bayside Landscaping can create these from scratch for gardens of all sizes, making them stand-alone or as an extension of your current garden. Call our team of expert landscapers and gardeners today for raised garden beds in Melbourne. Our service starts with a quote and property evaluation, and then your raised garden beds are constructed according to your ideas and suggestions.

Raised garden beds are a perfect alternative to a full vegetable garden. Install a set of raised beds in your existing yard; only worry about watering your plants. Plants in raised beds are contained, making them perfect for growing different vegetables and plants in separate beds without conflict. This can reduce the contraction of diseases and stop certain kinds of plants from choking each other out. Raised beds are also easy to maintain, as irrigation system installation becomes easy and water drains easier, reducing the risk of flooding or overwatering.

Raised Garden Beds Melbourne

Garden Beds for Accessibility

Install a set of raised garden beds for accessibility. Garden beds raised above waist height make it easy to reach your plants without bending down. Raised Planter Boxes and Raised Garden Beds are great for people with back injuries who can’t bend down low to tend to plants. If you spend a lot of time gardening, install some raised garden beds in your garden and see the difference it makes for your health. Our raised garden beds in Melbourne can be built at several heights, shorter for the raised beds’ advantages, taller for accessibility, deep root crops, and more. Talk to our team to find the solution that’s right for you.

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Timber and Steel Garden Beds

Timber garden beds are an excellent option for those looking to build a set of garden beds that will last for a long. The most popular woods for making garden beds are Ironbark and Cypress Macrocarpa. Both these woods are long-lasting, termite resistant and contain no chemicals that might taint the quality of the soil and ruin your plants. We can also construct garden beds out of galvanised steel, rounded and coloured to blend in with your existing garden. Steel raised garden beds are easily installed and simple to move, making them better solutions than timber for non-permanent installations.

Timber and Steel Garden Beds Melbourne

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If you’re looking to install a set of custom raised garden beds in Melbourne for your garden or reconstruct your garden entirely with raised beds or raised planter boxes, we can help you. We can construct timber beds for all kinds of gardens, precisely to your needs and specifications. Call the team at Bayside Landscaping to get started today.

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