Ever wondered what it is that makes designer gardens so clean and modern? The incredible definition and clarity found in many modern designer gardens can be easily created using garden edging. Edging separates gardens from each other and prevents your gardens from blending in with the lawn, giving your garden a clean and refined look.

Garden edging is an essential component. Whether installed for aesthetics or to protect valuable plants, the right edging will make a world of difference. At Bayside Landscaping, we offer premium garden edging solutions throughout Melbourne and surrounding suburbs and believe in achieving the perfect garden finishing touch every time!

Garden edging is often easy to install and can have fantastic effects on the look of your garden. Bayside Landscaping can help you choose, install and maintain garden edging, with a wide range of options for design and style. We offer professional garden edging Melbourne wide and can service any garden, large or small. Call us today and take your garden from average to incredible.

Choose From a Range of Edging Options and Styles, including:

Aluminium Edging

Aluminium is more expensive than other options but can give your garden a very modern feel. By bending it into place and securing it with pegs, you can shape the edging however you want easily. This can help to form curves and shapes that outline your garden’s form.

Steel Edging

Similar to aluminium, steel can be bent into shape and used to create amazing curved garden features. Steel can be bought in the standard silver sheen or treated to get that great rust. Give your that garden a rustic and homely feel, or clean it up with bright steel.

Timber Edging

Timber edging is the original edging solution. Hardwood timber is great for defining simply borders for your garden while being very affordable. Choose from several different kinds of timber to suit the design of your garden, each with a different look and feel. While cost-effective, timber edging may not last as long or look as nice as steel or brick edging. However, it is perfect for the gardener on a budget.

Recycled Plastic

Arguably the longest-lasting edging, recycled plastic edging can bend tighter than any other edging type and easily create borders for small and tight garden beds. Design is limited, and it doesn’t look as incredible as other options, but it is still a great option for low maintenance, easy install edging.

Brick/Concrete Edging

Brick is harder to lay and maintain, as it will crack over time but lasts a long time. With or without cracks, bricks can be replaced fairly, easily, and your edging will continue to look fantastic for years. Concrete and brick edging comes in various colours and shapes and can be tailored to the garden’s design.

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If you have any questions about our garden edging Melbourne service, talk to our friendly landscaping team. We can help you choose the right design for your garden and then install it for you.
We can help transform your garden into an attractive feature with professionally put down concrete edging that will last. Whether you are looking for concrete garden edging Melbourne wide or just around your own home, we can help.
Every edge is perfectly formed, every curve free of ripples, thanks to our skilful contractors. We use only the finest materials for our concrete edging services – from rebar to concrete – ensuring a smooth, hard surface.
Edging isn’t just for gardens. You can also use it for lawns, paving, securing gravel, synthetic grass borders, terracing and timber decking, tree surrounds and bitumen/asphalt. We do edging for both residential and commercial properties, so if you’ve got a garden that needs edging, you can be sure our team of expert landscapers can handle it. Call us today on 1800 156 225.

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